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shessayinghello's Journal

Cpt. Jack Harkness (Rule 63)
1 April
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Player promises that she, the character and the PB are all over 18. Player was born April 1st 1986

Name: Captain Jacklyn Harkness
Goes by: Jack or Jackly
Nicknames: Jack, Jackie, Jay
Birthday: July 26th
Age: Little over 2000
Gender: Female
Preferences: Omni
Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: girl never tells
Eye color: Bright Blue
Hair color: Brunette
Left/Right/Ambi: Ambi



This Jack was born female and pretty much follows canon up to about Fragments where it departs from Canon. Here John saved two people, Gray and a second man who'd been equally abused. That man was the one that strapped a bomb to John and locked Gray up to further abuse him. He was also the one that buried Jack in some strange revenge for the young man he was hurting. In the end the man was put down John and Owen and Tosh were saved though Tosh fell into a coma for a time.

During the year that never was she was tortured mentally and physically and left the experience a bit more quiet, serious and pregnant with a half time lord daughter that she'd name Meredith. It was with the small baby that she returned to Torchwood "3 months" after she left and it was Torchwood that became the village that would raise her. (this fact changes from comm to comm.)

All in All she's a femme Jack Harkness with a twist.